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APM for Big Data


APM is different in data-driven applications. Only the Unravel APM dynamic monitoring tool for big data provides the visibility, insights, and automation to both manage and optimize the performance of your modern data applications.

The APM solution for Modern Data Apps
The size and complexity of the big data ecosystem make it challenging for teams to understand – let alone improve – application performance. Unravel sets a new standard for a big data APM solution – helping you monitor and automatically remediate bottlenecks across your stack.

Benefit 01

A unified view in one APM Tool

The Unravel APM management tool allow you to monitor pipeline performance end to end, from a single pane of glass.

No more poring through logs, or trying to connect disparate dashboards, reports, and KPIs to get a complete picture of performance. Unravel pulls metadata from across pipelines to provide insights, recommendations, and smart alerts for your entire ecosystem.

  • View and correlate metrics from Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Impala, and more – all from one single dashboard.
  • Monitor and troubleshoot performance issues – both on-premises and in the cloud – using a common interface.
  • Accelerate Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and Mean Time to Identification (MTTI) for issues across complex, distributed workloads.
  • Reduce the number of tools needed to monitor, troubleshoot, and tune your big data environment.
Benefit 02

The AI-Powered APM Dynamic Monitoring Tool

Tune, troubleshoot, and improve performance with data-driven guidance.

Just gathering performance data isn’t enough. To actually optimize performance, you need to know exactly where, when, and how to take action. Unravel creates a robust data model to provide predictive insights and operational intelligence to drive real improvements.

  • Consolidating metrics from across pipelines, Unravel’s rich operational data model enables advanced analysis of your entire environment.
  • Using AI, machine learning, rules engines, and other powerful analytics, Unravel helps you make sense of what’s affecting app service levels.
  • By analyzing and correlating runtime metadata and application code, Unravel can make informed, predictive recommendations for optimally configuring infrastructure and apps.
Benefit 03

Automatic Remediation Solutions

Help teams do more across more of your stack with automated actions.

In a world of distributed systems, multi-stage applications, and complex analytics pipelines, understanding and improving performance takes more than just setting KPIs and monitoring apps. There’s too much to see, too much to do, too much to keep up with. Only Unravel provides powerful Auto-Actions that can:

  • Send emails to teams and individuals, alerting them of slowdowns.
  • Kill rogue apps and processes that threaten to disrupt the performance of other applications.
  • Move applications to other queues to balance cluster-wide workloads.
  • Execute a nearly unlimited variety of HTTP-powered actions – spawning new processes, running queries, updating external databases, and more.

Take advantage of AI-powered performance management for your big data applications.