Inefficient cluster architecture or a poor database clustering system can cost your business big. Unravel provides the insight you need to allocate and use your resources the right way.

Unravel for Database Server Cluster Monitoring & Resource Optimization
Optimizing server cluster resources is no simple task – you want to run as many jobs as possible, while still maintaining peak cluster performance, stability, and predictability. Unravel reveals exactly how apps consume cluster resources – with real-time intelligence and alerts to help eliminate inefficiencies, optimize allocations, and lower operating costs.

Benefit 01

Complete Visibility

Keep on top of all your resources – no matter how numerous or complex.

Unravel lets you quickly and easily see how resources are being utilized in your big data clusters – even those with thousands of nodes. Correlating usage metrics across Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, HBase, and more, Unravel helps you better understand the interactions between systems – and track performance across a variety of resources:

  • CPU, Core, and VCore usage
  • Memory usage
  • Hive, MapReduce, and Spark usage
  • YARN metrics
Benefit 02

Improved Capacity Planning

Understand your unique needs – and ensure you can always meet them.

Inefficient resource consumption not only affects cost and performance – it also makes it difficult to precisely plan for cluster capacity. Unravel allows you to get an exact read on cluster resource usage – and correct inefficiencies – for easier, more accurate capacity planning. This unique operational intelligence leverages:

  • Disk capacity reporting and forecasting.
  • Resource baselining via cluster comparison reporting.
  • Operational metrics at the cluster, processing, storage, I/O, session, user, application, and component level.
Benefit 03

More Cluster for Your Money

Understand and improve resource utilization, to maximize every cluster.

By helping you monitor, manage, and predict cluster usage with unprecedented precision, Unravel ensures every resource is properly leveraged. Unravel also provides actionable recommendations and automatic remediation to reduce performance bottlenecks and resource contention – for the best return on your big data investment.

  • Unravel continually collects metrics on every aspect of your environment.
  • Unravel provides up-to-the-minute status updates and alerts on critical cluster resources.
  • Unravel automatically tunes resources based on your current conditions and needs.
  • Unravel offers insights and recommendations to help you choose the optimal infrastructure configuration for your apps – in both hardware and cloud virtual machine instances.

Track and improve the way your business uses cluster resources – for better service and lower costs.