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Whether your pipelines are in a data center, in the cloud, or some combination of both, Unravel provides the visibility, recommendations, and automation you need to ensure they perform
their best

Optimize performance in
any environment.

Data stacks now operate in a variety of environments, but wherever you work, Unravel makes it easy to monitor and improve performance across your stack. Unravel can be deployed in your data center in under an hour, and in the cloud, Unravel is up and running in minutes, with just a few clicks.


Get a 360º view of applications in your data center for less guesswork and greater performance.
Unravel big data on-premises.

Designed to support today’s top distributions (including Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR), Unravel provides a unified view of the performance of the apps and systems in your data center, so you can help them perform better than ever. And with Unravel’s agentless design, installation is quick and painless – one customer installed Unravel on a 600-node cluster in under an hour.

  • Maximize cluster throughput and resource utilization to get the greatest return on your hardware investment.
  • Get data-driven insights into your applications – as well as recommendations for optimizing performance – enabling predictable, enforceable SLAs.
  • Plan for future needs and capacity with predictive analytics that harness telemetry from across your infrastructure, apps, and services.

Amazon Web Services

On a large AWS cluster, performance determines
budget – now, get the most out of both.
Unravel big data in AWS environments.

Whether you’re using Amazon AWS (IaaS), Amazon EMR, Cloudera EDH for AWS, Hortonworks Data Cloud on AWS, or MapR CDP on AWS, Unravel delivers a single, unified view of your Amazon Web Services environment, providing critical operational intelligence to help you get the most out of your applications.

  • Monitor your entire ecosystem from a single console, with complete visibility into every app, cluster, and pipeline.
  • Get a granular view of performance to better understand application behavior and S3 usage.
  • Eliminate unnecessary data transfers to reduce latency and cost.
  • Uncover cost inefficiencies in processing and storage to reduce overall expenses.

Microsoft Azure

Take an AI-powered approach to maximizing your Azure investment and reducing cost overruns.
Unravel big data in Microsoft Azure.

Unravel helps your team operationalize the apps and services you’ve deployed on Microsoft Azure – with AI-driven recommendations and automated actions to both improve and optimize performance.

  • Identify current on-premises apps and platforms ideal for Azure migration.
  • Use advanced AI and predictive analytics to increase performance and throughput – and reduce application, data, and processing costs.
  • Automatically size containers and tune configurations for the best throughput across all Azure instances.
  • Find, tier, and optimize storage choices for hot, warm, and cold data; use Azure Data Lake for lower-cost cold storage.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Gain clarity – and improve performance – across cloud platforms.
Unravel big data in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Running your big data program on a combination of on-premises and cloud environments – or across various Amazon and Azure services – can make it challenging to get a complete view of each application running, the resources they use, and how they’re performing. Unravel provides unprecedented visibility, understanding, and issue remediation across multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

  • Get the data you need to build consistent KPIs, operational intelligence, and runtime metrics.
  • Develop a consistent user experience for monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing applications.
  • Use predictive analytics and runtime insights to define effective SLAs and perform capacity planning for each environment.

Enhance app performance in any environment.

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