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Optimizing Big Data Applications with Unravel and Cisco UCS

Partners 5 Min Read

As enterprises are moving from pilot to production, Application Performance Management is now a necessity for the big data operations team within a company (See the latest Gartner report that highlights this need). As the only APM for big data applications, Unravel was recently accepted into Cisco’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) to continue working closely with Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) team.

In a recent interview, Raghunath Nambiar, Chief Technology Officer for Cisco Unified Computing System, said “Unravel has a lot of potential to help customers immediately understand what happened with a series of jobs in the cluster and the causes of any issues, such as failure of the job or a missed SLA. More specifically, it can make big data applications more predictable and reliable in complex environments. We will continue working with Unravel through Cisco’s Solution Partner Program (SPP) to help businesses realize the ultimate value of their big data investments.”

Over the last 12 months, Unravel has worked with the Cisco UCS solution engineering team on multiple fronts, including:

  • Joining Cisco’s SPP
  • Leveraging Unravel’s machine learning-based recommendations to help optimize TPC-DS and other benchmarks on the Cisco UCS Big Data platform
  • Sharing Unravel’s approach to helping operations teams troubleshoot, optimize, and analyze big data apps with select Cisco UCS customers.

Unravel’s intuitive interface enables anyone to easily identify why a job missed an SLA, compare performance to prior jobs, and drill down into the minute details that caused the delay. The interface allows database administrators to overlay errors in the job with what else was happening in that cluster at that particular time that may have also had an impact.

In addition to this analysis, Unravel provides recommendations to fine tune applications both at the job and cluster level. As the adoption of Hadoop and other complex computing environments grows, this level of transparency and visibility into the behavior of applications and clusters becomes a requirement. Through Unravel’s participation in Cisco’s SPP , we will continue to explore ways to work together and help businesses optimize and productize their Big Data applications.