Visit Unravel at Data + AI Summit 2021, Free and Online 

Get a quick Unravel Data product demo at Data + AI Summit, next Wednesday-Friday, and get a cool #datalovers T-shirt! See you in the Expo… The Data + AI Summit always features all things Spark, Databricks, […]

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Get a quick Unravel Data product demo at Data + AI Summit, next Wednesday-Friday, and get a cool #datalovers T-shirt! See you in the Expo…

The Data + AI Summit always features all things Spark, Databricks, AI, and machine learning. But this year, it’s virtual – that is, very easy to access – and almost all of it is free. The event starts Monday, May 24th with two training days, followed by keynotes and talks all day Wednesday and Thursday, plus Friday morning (all times PT). And Unravel Data will be there as a sponsor, with a virtual booth. Come for the sessions, then visit the Expo onsite. Stop by Unravel and say hi!  

The event is sponsored by Databricks, and many of the talks are Databricks-specific. If you’re not instantly familiar, Databricks is the high-performance online environment for Spark apps, available on AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. But there are many talks on Spark (not Databricks-specific), machine learning, AI, and general issues with big data. 

Databricks was co-founded by Matei Zaharia, the original creator of Apache Spark and MLflow. Speakers include senior Databricks people, customers, and several cultural leaders, such as Bill Nye, the Science Guy, and Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize winner and co-founder of the Malala Fund. As well as Unravel Data’s CTO, the irreplaceable Shivnath Babu – see below. 

Data + AI Summit keynote speakers - Unravel Data sponsor

Some of the keynote speakers from Data + AI Summit


Visiting Unravel Data

Databricks is very important to us here at Unravel; many of our customers started with us for Hadoop plus Spark on-premises, and are moving workloads to Databricks in the cloud. And Databricks users are also looking for ways to get the most out of their Databricks experience, especially around resource sizing and cost optimization, so they’re in touch with Unravel too. 

At Data + AI Summit, you can get demos of Unravel Data for migrating existing on-premises workloads to Databricks and managing Databricks workloads in the cloud. Just visit the Expo, then stop by Unravel. 

On the Agenda

The detailed agenda has a lot to offer – and nearly all of it, except for paid training courses (see below), is free. There are literally scores of breakout sessions, almost all on technical topics. And you’ll see keynotes and industry forums that you should check out to match up against your interests. So register now

There are many highlights for #dataops types and #datalovers among the breakouts. Here are a few that caught my eye from Wednesday, May 26th:

  • Scaling AI at H&M, 11:30am PT: Wow – one of the world’s legendary retailers, using ML and AI in production, at scale. They’ll describe a reference architecture that’s being used across H&M. 
  • Low-Code Apache Spark, 11:30am PT: Spark is hard to learn and use, so it may be a perfect fit for low-code approaches. The speakers describe a visual IDE, using SQL, for Spark.
    Note: If the resulting, IDE-generated code contains costly inefficiencies when run at scale, we know just the tool for finding and fixing them…  
  • The Shift to Data Mesh, 12:05pm PT: Data mesh is a popular topic – Unravel uses a data mesh internally. The speakers will show how to implement this in the Databricks context. 
  • Intro to Delta Lake, 3:15pm PT: Whether you’re a Databricks user or not, Delta Lake should definitely be on your radar. Here’s your chance to get up to speed. 

And on Thursday, May 27th:

There are only morning sessions on Friday, May 28th. Highlights include:

University Alliance Panel at Data + AI Summit

Those who can, teach – one of several special events


A Deep Dive Into Training – and Unravel

Many people avoid training courses, but with top-notch training available virtually, and for free, why not take this rare opportunity to skill up? There are two complimentary training courses, the Databricks Lakehouse Overview (held Monday at 6am PT and again Tuesday at 10am PT), for all audiences, and the Lakehouse with Delta Lake Deep Dive (held Monday at 6am PT, Monday at 10am PT, Tuesday at 9am PT, and again Tuesday at 1pm PT), which is more technical. Each is half a day long, and each is repeated at least once. I’ll be attending. 

Paid training courses cost $200 for a half-day and $400 for a full day; most include labs. Paid courses include SQL Analytics on Lakehouse, Data Engineering with Lakehouse, Structured Streaming with Lakehouse, Spark Programming, ML Pipelines with Spark, Databricks Administration, and more. 

It’s not clear from the site what access you will have to your courses after the fact, if you want to catch up or review the course later in the week, or after the Data+ AI Summit is over. However, all content from past conferences is currently available online. We’ll see. 

We hope this blog post has you excited for the opportunity to take in Data + AI Summit for free, and that you visit us at the virtual Unravel Data booth. As part of your orientation, you can download The Unravel Guide to DataOps, which was made available for the first time during the DataOps Unleashed conference. If you’re interested in assessing Unravel for your own data-driven applications, you can try Unravel for free or contact us to learn how we can help.