DataOps Unleashed

Founder's Roundtable Panel Discussion

DataOps Unleashed Founder’s Roundtable Panel Discussion moderated by Wayne Eckerson, President at Eckerson Group. Panelist include

  • Kunal Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO at Unravel Data
  • Matthew Carrol, CEO at Immuta
  • Christopher Bergh, CEO, Founder, and Head Chef at DataKitchen
  • Ry Walker, Founder & CTO at Astronomer
  • Justin Borgman, Chairman & CEO at Starburst

Join Wayne Eckerson and Unravel’s Kunal Agarwal for a Founders’ Roundtable that looks at the evolution of data and the rapid adoption of DataOps.

Our participants join us to share their perspectives on their place in the fast-changing DataOps world. They share their thoughts on why this community and these conversations are so important today and give real-life examples of how they are working to help organizations realize value from their data.

This roundtable is a lively session. Each of the panelists is an innovator in their respective realm. We invite you to watch and hear their expertise for innovative DataOps strategies.


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