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Data Observability for the Modern Data Stack


Less firefighting. More brilliance. For every data team member.

Get cloud costs under control

Optimize apps automatically

Pinpoint root causes in seconds

Go beyond observability, to AI optimization and automated governance. For what matters most.

One platform. Full stack. Multi-everything.

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The only platform that delivers AI-powered answers and precise recommendations for data teams

Bring cloud costs under control

Understand, reduce and actively govern your cloud spend with granular precision

Automatically optimize apps and pipelines

AI recommendations tell you exactly where and how to tune for performance and cost

Spend less time firefighting

Diagnose problems in minutes—not hours—with automated deep root cause analysis

Tackle data quality issues at scale & speed

Automatically correlate external data quality checks with AI-driven insights

Migrate to the cloud on time, on budget

Eliminate guesswork & blind spots to avoid setbacks before, during & after migration

Observability, intelligence & automation throughout the modern data stack

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Observability Designed for Data Teams

Performance. Cost. Data Quality. Pick Three.