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Pipeline & App Optimization

Be Confident Your Data Apps Will Meet SLAS

Tune application performance and resource usage long before you deploy

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Develop, tune and scale reliable data apps/pipelines quickly. Every time.

  • Proactively optimize apps and verify code in minutes
  • Cut to the chase with automated root cause analysis
  • Understand how your app will perform at scale pre-production
  • Use AI-driven recommendations to right-size resources
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Spend more time creating apps, less time troubleshooting them

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Unified & Correlated Visibility

See all performance details in one place

Eliminate hunting down performance details by yourself. Have all the information—resource metrics, configurations, logs, errors, timings, code—automatically correlated from disparate sources in one single view.

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"Unravel puts an analytical tool into the hands of business users to evaluate things before they do a code release.”

Luis Carlos Cruz Huertas
Head of Automation, Infrastructure for Big Data, AI and Analytics
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Job-Level AI Recommendations

Optimize 100s (or 1000s) of jobs automatically

Cut to the chase with automated tuning advice. AI recommendations tell you exactly how to change configurations or code to improve performance and/or reduce costs.

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We support technologies data teams rely on

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Automated Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize cloud costs at the cluster level

Eliminate unnecessarily overspending on cloud resources. AI automatically identifies where you can save and tells you exactly what changes to make to the instance settings.

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We help our customers build better data apps and pipelines

3X faster code iteration and validation in CI/CD

Automated daily code health checks & optimization recommendations for 3,000 engineers worldwide

Mastercard, reduces usage of their clusters by roughly half, even as data sizes and application density has moved steadily upward

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Commonly asked questions

What type of data does Unravel collect?

We only collect metadata and performance data from the data application jobs themselves. We do not have access to the data stored in your data lake and other databases, and that data is not and cannot be shared with Unravel.

Does Unravel send data back to my data warehouse, data lake, lakehouse?

Unravel software can be deployed anywhere, on-premise platforms or cloud platforms, in single-cluster or multi-cluster deployments. Unravel currently supports all major cloud and on-prem platforms, including Databricks, Amazon EMR, BigQuery, Dataproc, Snowflake, Cloudera, and MapR.


Check out our Compatibility Matrix for specific platform versions.

How does Unravel ensure security?

Unravel is committed to security and focused on keeping our clients and their data safe. The solution designed by Unravel manages customer data based on the five SOC trust services criteria — security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. We use TLS encryption, the same standard used by secure websites, to secure data in transit. Unravel is SOC 2-compliant, and has earned a Service Organization Control (SOC) 2, Type II certification.

Is the Unravel DataOps observability platform right for me?

Unravel’s DataOps observability is perfect for data-driven enterprises looking to improve their DataOps and derive value from data faster, more reliably, and at lower cost. If your organization depends on the analytics from complex data pipelines handling large volumes of data across a complex modern data stack, Unravel is for you.

Where is Unravel hosted?

Unravel is deployed in your VPC or your choice of cloud—nothing leaves your environment.

Does Unravel require additional compute resources?

Unravel’s lightweight and agentless adaptive data collection process uses native APIs and sensors to non-intrusively gather intelligence which is negligible—usually under 1%.

What are the top features & capabilities of the Unravel platform?

The Unravel AI-powered DataOps observability platform has a lot of powerful capabilities to help data teams troubleshoot, optimize, migrate, and control the costs of their modern data workloads. Best first step to get a taste of what Unravel can do for you is to check out our 2-minute demo videos & self-paced guided tours here.

Can I try Unravel?

You sure can. Unravel is free for your first 50K DBUs/node hours. Get started here.


And you can always book a personalized 30-minute live demo with one of our experts here.

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