DataOps Unleashed

The State of DataOps

There is a lot of interest in DataOps, but many people are confused about what it is and isn’t. Is DataOps a methodology for building pipelines? A set of development and execution tools? Or a process for continuous improvement? This session will clear up the confusion and help align our understanding before we dive into details during breakout sessions.

To start this fireside chat, veteran data and analytics thought leader Wayne Eckerson, President at Eckerson Group delivers a short presentation based on three-years of research that describes the core principles and components of DataOps. He then sits down with Unravel CEO, Kunal Agarwal, to discuss the trends, challenges, and best practices required to succeed with DataOps. The goal of this session is to give attendees a clear, concise, and unbiased understanding of DataOps with guidance about where to start and how to implement it.


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