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Maximize returns from your Big Data investment.

Achieve true data democracy.

Unravel is the intelligence platform

that helps you

  • simplify
  • optimize
  • control

your Big Data activities


Don’t Let Complexity hinder Productivity

Big Data systems are very complex. The productivity of application developers and operations staff plummets when they have to constantly track application behavior, resource allocation, data layout, job scheduling, and more interdependent factors just to keep Big Data applications running. Anything that goes wrong becomes hard to identify, diagnose, and solve.

Unravel creates a holistic view of all your Big Data activity where you can quickly understand what’s working and easily dig deep into what’s not working -- all from one integrated and intelligent platform.

  • Increase team and system productivity
  • Empower Big Data developers to become self-sufficient
  • Transform operations from reactive to proactive


Maximize Efficiency and Reliability, No PhD Required

Whether it’s an ad-hoc SQL Hive query or a repeatedly-run Spark workflow running either on the cloud or on bare-metal -- getting the desired application performance and cluster efficiency requires extensive knowledge of the inner workings of Big Data systems.

Unravel saves you time from trial-and-error techniques by learning everything about your Big Data usage and using that information to identify inefficiencies and recommending solutions.

  • Increase throughput - Maximize application performance and cluster efficiency
  • Eliminate errors and failures - Make every Big Data application reliable
  • Guarantee SLAs with confidence

Unravel supports all types of Big Data applications

  • Spark
  • Tez
  • Map Reduce
  • Hive
  • Pig
  • Cascading
  • Python
  • R


Streamline All Activities to Make Big Data Work for your Business

Simply put, the Unravel intelligence platform lets you take control of your entire Big Data operation -- from applications to infrastructure -- so that you can focus all your efforts on making Big Data work for your business.

Unravel analyzes your Big Data activity from many dimensions to continuously spot and eliminate the problems that lower ROI, impede data democracy, and limit how fast your company can innovate with Big Data.

  • Get the fastest time to value
  • Achieve true data democracy and agility
  • Plan and Allocate resources to maximize ROI

Unravel supports

  • Cloudera
  • Hortonworks
  • IBM
  • MAPR
  • Amazon Web Services