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Accelerate and Reduce Costs of Migrating Data Workloads to the Cloud

Today, Unravel announced a new cloud migration assessment offer to accelerate the migration of data workloads to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform. Our latest offer fills a significant gap in the cloud journey, […]

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Today, Unravel announced a new cloud migration assessment offer to accelerate the migration of data workloads to Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, or Google Cloud Platform. Our latest offer fills a significant gap in the cloud journey, equips enterprises with the tools to deliver on their cloud strategy, and provides the best possible transition with insights and guidance before, during, and after migration. Full details on the assessment and business value are detailed below in our announcement below.

So, why now?

The rapid increase in data volume and variety has driven organizations to rethink enterprise infrastructures and focus on longer-term data growth, flexibility, and cost savings. Current, on-prem solutions are too complicated, inflexible, and are not delivering on expected value. Data is not living up to its promise.

As an alternative, organizations are looking to cloud services like Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud to provide the flexibility to accommodate modern capacity requirements and elasticity. Unfortunately, organizations are often challenged by unexpected costs and a lack of data and insights to ensure a successful migration process. If left unaddressed, organizations will struggle with the complexity of these projects that don’t fulfill their expectations and frequently result in significant cost overruns.

The cloud migration assessment offer provides details of the source environment and applications running on it, identifies workloads suitable for the cloud, and computes the anticipated hourly costs. It offers granular metrics, as well as broader insights, that eliminate transition complexity and deliver migration success.

Customers can be confident that they’re migrating the right data apps, configuring them properly in the cloud, meeting performance service level agreements, and minimizing costs. Unravel can provide an alternative to what is frequently a manual effort fraught with guesswork and errors.

The two approaches can be characterized per the diagram below

Still unsure how the migration assessment will provide value to your business? Drop us a line to learn more about the offer – or download a sample cloud migration assessment report here.


Read on to learn more about today’s news from Unravel.

Unravel Introduces Cloud Migration Assessment Offer to Reduce Costs and Accelerate the Transition of Data Workloads to Azure, AWS or Google Cloud

New Offer Builds a Granular Dependency Map of On-Premises Data Workloads and Provides Detailed Insights and Recommendations for the Best Transition to Cloud

PALO ALTO, Calif. – July, 31, 2019 Unravel Data, the only data operations platform providing full-stack visibility and AI-powered recommendations to drive more reliable performance in modern data applications, today announced a new cloud migration assessment offer to help organizations move data workloads to Azure, AWS or Google Cloud faster and with lower cost. Unravel has built a goal-driven and adaptive solution that uniquely provides comprehensive details of the source environment and applications running on it, identifies workloads suitable for the cloud and determines the optimal cloud topology based on business strategy , and computes the anticipated hourly costs. The offer also provides actionable recommendations to improve application performance and enables cloud capacity planning and chargeback reporting, as well as other critical insights.

“Managing the modern data stack on-premises is complex and requires expert technical talent to troubleshoot most problems. That’s why more enterprises are moving their data workloads to the cloud, but the migration process isn’t easy , as there’s little visibility into costs and configurations,” said Kunal Agarwal, CEO, Unravel Data. “Unravel’s new cloud migration assessment offer delivers actionable insights and visibility so organizations no longer have to fly blind. No matter where an organization is in its cloud adoption and migration journey, now is the time to accelerate strategic thinking and execution, and this offering ensures the fastest, most cost effective and valuable transition for the full journey-to-cloud lifecycle.”

“Companies have major expectations when they embark on a journey to the cloud. Unfortunately, organizations that migrate manually often don’t fulfill these expectations as the process of transitioning to the cloud becomes more difficult and takes longer than anticipated. And then once there, costs rise higher than forecasted and apps are difficult to optimize,” said Enterprise Strategy Group senior analyst Mike Leone. “This all results from the lack of insight into their existing data apps on-premises and how they should map those apps to the cloud. Unravel’s new offer fills a major gap in the cloud journey, equipping enterprises with the tools to deliver on their cloud goals.”

The journey to cloud is technically complex and aligning business outcomes with a wide array of cloud offerings can be challenging. Unravel’s cloud migration assessment offer takes the guesswork and error-prone manual processes out of the equation to deliver a variety of critical insights. The assessment enables organizations to:

  • Discover current clusters and detailed usage to make an effective and informed move to the cloud
  • Identify and prioritize specific application workloads that will benefit most from cloud-native capabilities, such as elastic scaling and decoupled storage
  • Define the optimal cloud topology that matches specific goals and business strategy, minimizing risks or costs. Users get specific instance types recommendations on the amount of storage needed with the option to choose between local attached and object storage
  • Obtain the hourly costs expected to incur when moving to the cloud, allowing users to compare and contrast the costs for different cloud providers and services and for different goals
  • Compare costs for different cloud options (across IaaS and Managed Hadoop/Spark PaaS services). Includes the ability to override default on-demand prices to incorporate volume discounts users may have received
  • Optimize cloud storage tiering choices for hot, warm, and cold data

The Unravel cloud assessment service encompasses four phases. The first phase is a discovery meeting in which the project is scoped, stakeholders identified and KPIs defined. Then during technical discovery, Unravel works with customers to define use cases, install the product and begin gathering workload data. Following, is the initial readout, as enterprises receive a summary of their infrastructure and workloads along with fresh insights and recommendations for cloud migration. Then comes the completed assessment, including final insights, recommendations and next steps.

Unravel is building a rapidly expanding ecosystem of partners to provide a portfolio of data operations and migration services utilizing the Unravel Data Operations Platform and cloud migration assessment offer.

Enterprises can find a sample cloud migration assessment report here.

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Unravel radically simplifies the way businesses understand and optimize the performance of their modern data applications – and the complex pipelines that power those applications. Providing a unified view across the entire stack, Unravel’s data operations platform leverages AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to offer actionable recommendations and automation for tuning, troubleshooting, and improving performance – both today and tomorrow. By operationalizing how you do data, Unravel’s solutions support modern data stack leaders, including Kaiser Permanente, Adobe, Deutsche Bank, Wayfair, and Neustar. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and is backed by Menlo Ventures, GGV Capital, M12, Point72 Ventures, Harmony Partners, Data Elite Ventures, and Jyoti Bansal. To learn more, visit

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