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The modern data stack is too complex to manage manually. Unravel provides monitoring, intelligence, and automation to simplify how you optimize app performance.

Unravel Platform for AIOps
AI-driven operations can make it easier to achieve peak app performance. Unravel uses AI and predictive analytics to automatically monitor, diagnose, and tune the data pipelines and systems that power your applications, with advanced automated capabilities including cluster optimization and capacity planning and forecasting.

Benefit 01

Enterprise AIOps Monitoring Reliability That Scales

Ensure your workloads run optimally in even the most demanding environments.

As your business continues to grow, innovate, and meet new needs, your capabilities will need to scale with you. Unravel AIOps strategy can help you do more with the same resources. Deploy, monitor, manage, and optimize a large portfolio of data-driven applications – all with consistent, reliable performance.

  • Unravel improves the reliability of each application by predicting resource usage issues and other causes of app and system failures.
  • Unravel improves the reliability of your ecosystem by detecting and predicting rogue applications that consume cluster resources at the expense of other apps.
  • Unravel increases the overall predictability of your environment, allowing you to offer more demanding service-level agreements.
Benefit 02

The AIOps Platform and Tool For Operational Agility

Automation and AI ensure faster problem resolution – and fewer problems in the first place.

Using data science, AI, machine learning, and intelligent automation, the Unravel AIOps platform not only quickly finds and fixes performance bottlenecks in your apps and ecosystem – it can predict (and avoid) outages and slowdowns altogether.

  • Dynamic performance analytics allow ops teams to rapidly respond when cluster resources are strained.
  • Unravel Auto-Actions allow you to create an entire portfolio of fixes and remediations that can be launched in seconds, with just a few clicks.
  • Unravel provides AI-powered recommendations designed to quickly address runtime changes in Spark, Kafka, Hive, and more.
Benefit 03

Data-Driven Confidence

An end to indecision and uncertainty, thanks to Unravel’s unique data model.

It isn’t easy to work with the modern data stack if you yourself don’t have the data you need on your apps and ecosystem. Only Unravel creates a complete data model of your runtime, ensuring the highest levels of accuracy and predictability in our dashboards, recommendations, and automated actions – for intelligence (and performance) you can rely on.

  • Unravel detects resource contention in the cluster.
  • Unravel identifies rogue applications that threaten overall system performance.
  • Unravel improves capacity planning, forecasting, and chargeback.
  • Unravel monitors and recommends optimal runtime parameters for Spark and Kafka.

Do more with data by leveraging AI across your data pipelines.