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Microsoft Azure HDI


Build your data future with Microsoft. Ensure performance and costs targets are met with Unravel.

Get granular chargeback and cost optimization for your Azure HDInsight workloads.

Unravel for Microsoft Azure HDInsight is a complete monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting tool for big data running on Azure HDInsight. Unravel provides AI powered recommendations and automated actions to enable intelligent optimization of big data pipelines and applications.

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The confidence to migrate your on-premises Hadoop and Spark apps to Azure 

Unravel provides the insights, recommendations and automation to assure a successful Azure migration.

The future of big data is in the cloud and Azure is rapidly becoming a strategic platform for data savvy businesses. Unravel provides maximum observability into your big data clusters to:

  • Baseline the performance of on-premises clusters to build the basis of your cloud migration strategy.
  • Recommend the best cloud topology and server instances for Azure/HDInsight.
  • Provide detailed application and infrastructure reporting to validate the success of your Azure migration.

Accelerate troubleshooting and optimize your Microsoft Azure big data performance and reliability

Unravel optimizes big data performance on Azure to ensure you get your money’s worth of compute power and throughput.

Companies that are betting heavily on big data on Azure are looking to run more jobs faster and more efficiently. Unravel delivers critical insights and recommendations needed to provide:

  • Monitoring, measurement, and troubleshooting of Kafka, Spark and Hadoop apps from end to end.
  • Full stack intelligence for data pipelines that includes Azure services like HDInsight, ADLS, and Azure Databricks.
  • Detailed insights, plain language recommendations, and auto-tuning of applications to make the most of Azure cloud services.

Don’t fly blind: you need full visibility into Azure usage if you want to meet deadlines and budgets

Unravel makes it radically simpler to understand your Azure environment even as your needs evolve.

Companies look to Azure to increase operational agility and to hide the complexity of the underlying cloud infrastructure. But achieving maximum performance requires insights into what’s going on behind the scenes. To this end, Unravel provides:

  • Accurate, detailed chargeback reporting of the cost of running data apps on Azure.
  • View how users, applications, and cloud infrastructure affects performance of your Azure data pipelines.
  • Visibility into performance trends and cluster resource usage so that data teams can quickly take advantage of Azure options and pricing promotions.

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