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Whether you choose to deploy on AWS, Azure, GCP or hybrid, Unravel provides intelligence and automation to simplify how you optimize app performance.

Unravel for Cloud Platform Operations
Today’s modern IT environments demand flexibility to meet ever-changing business needs. Whether your analytics infrastructure includes Spark jobs on AWS EMR, data pipelines built on Azure Databricks, or Cloudera clusters hosted on GCP containers, Unravel can accommodate your modern data application management needs, end-to-end.

Benefit 01

Scale big data performance on AWS

Automatically detect and resolve EMR data pipeline performance issues on AWS.

As your organization adopts the scalability and flexibility of AWS cloud, it becomes more important to track compute and storage resources to avoid runaway costs. Unravel can help you get a handle on these resources with AI-infused insights. Deploy, manage, and optimize a large portfolio of data-driven applications running on AWS with confidence.

  • Unravel improves the reliability of each application by predicting resource usage issues and other causes of app and system failures.
  • Unravel improves the reliability of your ecosystem by detecting and predicting rogue applications that consume cluster resources at the expense of other apps.
  • Unravel increases the overall predictability of your environment, allowing you to offer more demanding service-level agreements.
Benefit 02

Confidently Manage Agile Operations on Azure

Automatically resolve Databricks or HDInsight cluster issues before they happen on Microsoft Azure.

Using existing telemetry from Azure Databricks and HDInsight environments, Unravel applies data science, AI, and machine learning to predict and avoid outages and slowdowns altogether. This not only fixes bottlenecks in your apps quickly but also provides recommendations for future issues.

  • Dynamic performance analytics allow ops teams to rapidly respond when cluster resources are strained.
  • Unravel Auto-Actions allow you to create an entire portfolio of fixes and remediations that can be launched in seconds, with just a few clicks.
  •  Unravel provides AI-powered recommendations designed to quickly address runtime changes in Spark, Kafka, Hive, and more.
Benefit 03

Accurate migration planning for Google Cloud

De-risk Hadoop to GCP cloud migrations with Unravel.

On-premises Hadoop environments are sophisticated. Careful planning before migration is essential to avoid project delays and cost overruns which could put your cloud migration plan in jeopardy. Unravel’s cloud migration features help de-risk Hadoop to cloud migrations, including to Google Cloud Dataproc.

  • On-premises cluster discovery for your Cloudera, Hortonworks or MAPR clusters.
  • Provides detailed dependency maps to help you understand resource requirements before you migrate.
  • Reveals the seasonality and ideal time of day to take advantage of the best prices for cloud services, spot instances, autoscaling, and more.

Do more with data by leveraging AI across your data pipelines on AWS, Azure or GCP.