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Unravel Data brings the simplicity and automation capabilities you need to implement DataOps for modern data at scale, across multiple clouds and on-premises.

DataOps Framework for the Modern
Data Stack
The modern data stack includes hundreds of data pipelines, running on dozens of technologies, analyzing petabytes of data per day to power advanced analytics, machine learning models, and AI engines. The Unravel dataops framework and governance gives you full-stack, end-to-end observability and actionable insights, helping data teams drive greater reliability, better performance, and cost optimization across the entire modern data stack.

Benefit 01

To end-to-end observability across data-pipelines

The framework to see what’s happening across data pipelines, the data sets they touch, the services they depend on, and the infrastructure resources they consume.

You need end-to-end observability frameworks and governance models to create and deliver high-quality data products, on time and under budget.

  • Unravel measures key KPIs, such as application/pipeline latency, SLA score, error rate, cost of run, resource usage, data quality, and data usage.
  • You can easily understand whether it is the application code, service, container, data set, infrastructure, or another layer that is experiencing problems.
  • With deep, end-to-end observability, Unravel provides a single, trusted “source of truth” for data teams and data product users to collaborate around.


Benefit 02

Operate, monitor, and optimize the modern data stack with AI solutions

Power through your DataOps work with a platform and automation solution that fixes problems for you.

Once you see a problem, you need to be able to fix it. Or do you? With Unravel Data, you can fix problems automatically; follow Unravel’s AI-powered recommendations; and run automatic responses that take action on your behalf.

  • Unravel not only finds, but fixes application and pipeline issues such as workload slowdowns, missed SLAs, errors, and failures.
  • Your usage heat map for each part of your data estate allows you to allocate demanding jobs to quieter periods, heading off problems before they occur.
  • AutoActions alert you when action is needed, so you don’t have to manually scan the horizon for emerging problems; let Unravel Data respond for you.
  • AI-powered recommendations allow you to optimize resource usage for every workload, saving you money and creating room for new, value-added projects.


Benefit 03

Only deploy healthy code into production

Application optimization for new and updated code.

Adding new code to your site often causes delays, downtimes, and frustrating revision cycles. With Unravel, you can give new code a performance and quality score before it goes to production – and hold off on acceptance until the issues are fixed and the score is high enough.

  • Unravel allows you to simulate the impact of new code on live data during development and testing phases, finding problems before they reach production.
  • Unravel interactively fixes problems for you, so you don’t deploy code with fixable issues; it’s pre-approved by Unravel.
  • Eliminate manual trial and error; developers learn to avoid predictable problems while coding, shortening development and testing cycles.
  • Developers release their code with confidence, moving operations away from firefighting and toward pro-active optimization and work on new projects.


Give your data teams and data users the platform they need to share a true DataOps culture: Unravel Data.