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Bring data-driven insights and recommendations to HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric (formerly MapR Data Platform).

Unravel Data brings the power of DataOps to your stack

How can you optimize your HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric workloads – in the cloud, on hybrid cloud, and on-premises? When you need to troubleshoot workloads across modern data platforms, including HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric, how can you get the help you need? Unravel Data provides the power, intelligence, and visibility you need to drive high performance and high reliability, cost-effectively.

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Plan for success with automated insights

Speed matters. Unlock performance from your workloads with AI-driven insights.

HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric binds together many data sources from a single data cluster, and Unravel Data puts you in the driver’s seat for all of them. Optimizing performance across multiple technologies is a piece of cake with Unravel’s automated insights. 

  • Unravel characterizes your workloads across technologies, allowing you to see what’s taking time across your data pipeline. 
  • Drive insights across on-premises workloads, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. 
  • Detailed dependency maps help you identify what might otherwise be hidden sources of performance problems. 
  • Helps you spot high-usage and low-usage days and times of day, showing you when to run workloads for best performance. 

See deeply into complex stacks

Visibility is everything. One unified view lets you see across and into complex data pipelines.

Unravel provides a real-time view of the entire HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric technology stack and the applications running there. Unravel can quickly report on performance and stability issues with Spark, Hive, etc. applications running on the platform, and can then provide both contextualized recommendations or autonomous actions to fix problems as they arise.

Unravel provides a deeper level of insight into your data pipelines. View your entire HPE Ezmeral Data Fabric technology stack and the applications running there. 

  • Quickly view reports on performance and stability issues with Spark, Hive, and other applications running on the platform. 
  • Receive contextualized recommendations to fix unsuitable configurations that can either cripple performance or waste resources, driving up your costs. 
  • AutoActions step in to fix problems as they arise, without operator intervention – and without untimely delays in job completion. 
  • Operationalize applications quickly and effectively, to avoid finger-pointing and unproductive fault-finding

Control resource usage and cost

Right-size resource allocations to take advantage of lower costs and less-busy timeframes

Managing against a budget is always tough, but Unravel makes it much easier. Whether it’s maximizing a fixed physical plant on-premises, reducing costs in the cloud, or effortlessly scaling resources up or down as needed, Unravel is your partner for resource and cost control.

  • Get the most out of existing resources by right-sizing resource allocations, deftly fine-tuning allocations in real time. 
  • Identify which users, applications, and projects are having the biggest impact, with chargeback and showback capabilities.
  • Break down costs by CPU, memory, I/O, and storage – and get recommendations for potential savings.
  • Automatically detect and mitigate the inefficient use of resources by application – including CPU, memory, containers, caching, and nodes.



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