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Support Policy

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** DO NOT REMOVE Hidden Margin Required **

For each Software subscription that you purchase from Unravel, you will receive Support as described in this Unravel Data Systems Support and Maintenance Policy (this “Policy”).

1. Definitions.

Here are some definitions we use in this Policy:

1.1 “Business Day” means Monday through Friday, excluding national and state holidays observed by Unravel.

1.2 “Documentation ” means the end user manuals, guides, online help files and other supporting materials that Unravel generally makes available to its customers with the Software.

1.3 “Fees” means the fees that you are required to pay us for the Software and Support during the applicable Subscription Term, as such fees are reflected on each applicable Order Schedule.

1.4 “Order Schedule” means a written or electronic quote or other ordering document that you use to order Software and Support.

1.5 “Plan” means the Support plan indicated on the Order Schedule that relates to the particular Software you are ordering. You can choose between our “Standard Support” or “Premium Support” plans.

1.6 “Regular Business Hours” means hours between 9am and 5pm Pacific Time on Business Days.

1.7 “Software” means the object-code version(s) of one or more of Unravel’s proprietary software programs listed on an Order Schedule, including all Documentation, as well as any Updates to the Software.

1.8 “Subscription Term” means the Order Schedule-specified period(s) during which you may use the Software. If no period is specified in the applicable Order Schedule, the Subscription Term will be one year from the effective date of the Order Schedule.

1.9 “Support” means the support services described in this Policy.

1.10 “Update” means a Software release that Unravel makes generally available to its customers, along with any corresponding changes to Documentation. An Update may be an error correction or bug fix, or it may be an enhancement, a new feature, or new functionality.

2. Support.

2.1 Scope of Support; Updates. Upon payment of the Fees, and provided you are using the Software in accordance with the Documentation, Unravel will provide you with either Standard or Premium Support, depending on the Plan indicated on the applicable Order Schedule for the Software you are ordering. As part of providing such Support, we will: (i) use commercially reasonable efforts to correct any material, reproducible bugs, defects or errors in the Software (an “ Error ”) that you make us aware of during the Subscription Term, on such days and times as are specified in Section 2.3, below; and (ii) provide you with Updates, as and when Unravel makes such Updates generally available to its customers. Updates will be made 100418vF available to you via the Unravel customer portal. You are responsible for installing any Updates.

2.2 Support Contacts. You will designate at least one individual (a “ Support Contact “), with current phone and email contact information, to serve as a liaison with Unravel to request and receive Support. If you have ordered the Standard Support Plan, then you may designate up to two (2) Support Contacts. If you have ordered the Premium Support Plan, then you may designate up to four (4) Support Contacts. All of your Support requests must be initiated through a Support Contact. To avoid interruptions in Support, please notify Unravel in writing whenever you transfer Support Contact responsibilities to another individual. Unravel will have no obligation to provide Support to anyone who is not a Support Contact.

2.3 Support Plans. Your Order Schedule will indicate the Plan you have chosen. If you have chosen the Standard Support Plan, Support will be available during Regular Business Hours. If you have chosen the Premium Support Plan, Support will be available 24/7.

2.4 Requesting and Receiving Support. Both Standard and Premium Support Plans allow you to seek Support via email or through the Support Portal (as defined below). Email requests for Support should be sent to [email protected]. Support may also be requested through our online portal found (the “ Support Portal ”). All Support will be provided in English. Unravel will use commercially reasonable efforts to communicate with your Support Administrator within the applicable Initial Response Times set
forth in the table below, depending on which Support Plan you have ordered. Note that a “response” means an acknowledgment of receipt of the ticket by Unravel (the “ Initial Response ”), and beginning to work on your issue – it does not necessarily mean that Unravel will be able to resolve the issue within that timeframe. After the Initial Response, Unravel will provide status updates on the issue until (i) the issue is resolved; (ii) the issue is downgraded to a lower Severity Level (in which case the nature and frequency of status updates for the new Severity Level may be different than what was provided for the higher Severity Level); or (iii) the parties agree on an alternative update schedule. If you have ordered our Standard Support Plan rather than our Premium Support Plan, then Support requests submitted outside of Regular Business Hours will be dealt with when Regular Business Hours resume.

2.5 Initial Response Times and Update Frequency.

Severity Level
Initial Response Time for Standard Plan
Initial Response Time for Premium Plan
Severity 1: Production Down
1 Regular Business Hour
1 Hour
Severity 2: Core Feature Inoperative
4 Regular Business Hours
4 Hours
Severity 3: Minor Feature Inoperative
1 Business Day
1 Business Day
Severity 4: Request for Information
1 Business Day
1 Business Day


2.6 Designation of Severity Level. The severity level will be established based upon your request, provided that Unravel reserves the right to reclassify the severity level of a Support request at any time if Unravel reasonably believes the classification is incorrect. Severity levels can only be set by you when you request Support via the Support Portal. As a result, any Support requests sent via email will automatically be set at Severity 4 (Low). If you believe your Support request is for a higher severity level, you should ensure that you submit your request via the Support Portal rather than via email.

Severity 1 (S1): An S1 is a major Error within the software that severely impacts the Customer’s use of the Software, where the production system is totally down or not fully functioning or mission critical applications or Unravel is not usable and no workaround exists or there is loss of data. Unravel promptly initiates the following procedures: (a) assigns support specialists to correct the Error on an expedited basis; (b) provides ongoing communication on the status of the issue; and (c) begins to provide a temporary workaround or fix. Unravel responds to S1 production down issues within an hour of issue receipt. All S1 issues must be logged on the Unravel Customer Portal.

Severity 2 (S2): An S2 is a medium to high impact Error within the software where the customer’s production system is functioning but in a degraded or restricted capacity, such as a problem that is causing significant impact to portions of the Customer’s business operations and productivity or major functionality is inoperable. Unravel (a) assigns an Unravel support specialist to correct the Error on an expedited basis and (b) provides ongoing communication on the status of the issue. Unravel exercises commercially reasonable efforts to provide a workaround or include a fix for the Severity 2 Errors in a forthcoming Maintenance or Patch Release. Unravel responds to S2 issues within 4 hours of issue receipt. All S2 issues must be logged on the Unravel Customer Portal.

Severity 3 (S3): An S3 is a medium to low impact Error within the software that involves partial and/or non-critical loss of functionality, such as a problem that that impairs some operations but allows the Customer’s operations to continue to function. Unravel responds to S3 production issues within one (1) business day of issue receipt. Unravel will triage the request and may include a resolution via workaround. Unravel responds to S3 issues next business day. All S3 issues must be logged on the Unravel Customer Portal.

Severity 4 (S4): An S4 is a low priority request for information where there is no impact to business operations. This could include a ‘how to’ product question, a need to clarify procedures or information in documentation, a request for a product enhancement or an administrative request relating to the Unravel Customer Portal. Unravel responds to Severity 4 requests within one (1) business day of issue receipt.

2.7 Excluded Errors. Unravel will not be responsible for providing Support when: (i) someone (other than Unravel) has modified the Software; (ii) you have changed your operating system or environment in a way that adversely affects the Software or its performance; (iii) you are misusing the Software or using it in a manner for which it was not designed, or other than as authorized by the Documentation or the applicable Software license agreement; (iv) the Error is related to or arises from any software, hardware, networks, systems, facilities or other resources not supplied by Unravel; or (v) the Error results from any Internet connectivity issues or force majeure event.

2.8 Supported Updates. Unravel will only support a given Software Update for one (1) year from the date of its commercial release.

3. Modifications to this Policy.

Unravel reserves the right to amend this Policy from time to time, upon written notice to you, provided that such changes will not take effect until the next Subscription Term.

Updated 06/10/2019

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