DataOps Deep Dive

Get DataOps Deep Dive

Get DataOps Deep Dive

Nowadays, companies of all types spend heavily on compute power across a wide range of data technologies, but frequently don’t place enough emphasis pre-planning where that money will be allocated. This is particularly true for organizations that are moving to the cloud.

As uncovered in the Eckerson report DataOps: Deep Dive, providing insights into efficiency, from the level of KPIs down to lines of code, helps organizations understand and improve the ROI of their data initiatives. At the same time, the integration of AI to automate efficiency improvements saves developers valuable time in the DataOps lifecycle. And, this is an area where Unravel excels.

As described in the report, “The Unravel Data Operations Platform is, in many respects, a next-gen application performance monitor tailored to the unique challenges of development in the modern big data context. Unravel works to alleviate this complexity by providing full-stack visibility across the data ecosystem.”

Download the report to learn how to add advanced monitoring capabilities to your DataOps strategy whether your high-volume data environment is on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

The Unravel Data Operations Platform is ideal for customers that want to:

  • Optimize data resources to reduce overhead when migrating workloads to AWS, Microsoft Azure, or GCP
  • Manage pipeline deployment efficiency
  • Track the ROI of their investments in data initiatives
  • Improve the quality of developers’ code through automation