Unravel Data's New Guide Tells You What it Takes to Do DataOps

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The Unravel Guide to DataOps gives you the information and tools you need to sharpen your DataOps practices and increase data application performance, reduce costs, and remove operational headaches. The ten-step DataOps lifecycle shows you everything you need to do to create data products that run and run.

The Guide introduces Unravel Data software as a powerful platform, helping you to create a robust and effective DataOps culture within your organization. Three customer use cases show you the power of DataOps, and Unravel, in the hands of your data teams. As one Unravel customer says in the Guide, “I’m sleeping a lot easier than I did a year ago.

Download the Guide to help you as you master the current state, and future possibilities, of DataOps adoption in organizations worldwide.











The Unravel Guide to DataOps is ideal for a wide range of readers:

  • Data team members who want to adopt the latest in DataOps practices
  • Data consumers within organizations who want improved data and analytics products
  • Senior managers who want to know what becomes possible with a strong DataOps culture in your organization