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Inside Unravel

How DBS Bank Leverages Unravel Data


Watch this video to hear Matteo Pelati, Executive Director, DBS as he shares his experience using Unravel Data.

Video transcript below.

Unravel becomes useful to understand the impact of their queries.

It’s very easy to when you migrate a SQL query that has been written for Oracle or Teradata to encounter operations like joining 20 to 30 tables. These operations are very expensive on a distributed system like Spark.

The user might not necessarily know it. This is where we feel Unravel has become extremely useful to let these users understand the impact of the operation that they’re doing.

They needed to get some training but by letting them understand what’s the impact of a shuffling an operation and what’s the cause of that shuffling operation.

They can easily go to Unravel to check out their jobs and then fix their job to meet certain standards.