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Unravel Data Accelerates DataOps Time to Value

Unravel Data Accelerates DataOps Time to Value with Launch of its 2022 Fall Release Latest Edition of the Unravel Platform Includes BigQuery Support and Cost 360 for Amazon EMR to Help Customers Optimize the Cost, Efficiency, […]

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Unravel Data Accelerates DataOps Time to Value with Launch of its 2022 Fall Release

Latest Edition of the Unravel Platform Includes BigQuery Support and Cost 360 for Amazon EMR to Help Customers Optimize the Cost, Efficiency, and Performance of their Data Applications

Palo Alto, CA – Nov 9, 2022Unravel Data, the first DataOps observability platform built to meet the needs of modern data teams, today announced the general availability of its 2022 Fall Release of the Unravel Platform. With this new release, users of the Unravel Platform are now able to leverage several new capabilities including support for Google Cloud BigQuery and Cost 360 for Amazon EMR. These new capabilities are designed to help users boost the efficiency of their public cloud spend, simplify troubleshooting across their big data ecosystem, and improve the overall performance of their business-critical data applications.

“Data teams have a clear mandate to ensure that the data pipelines that support their data analytics programs are fully optimized, running efficiently and staying within budget. However, given the complexity of their data ecosystem, getting answers about the health and performance of their data pipelines is harder than ever,” said Kunal Agarwal, founder and CEO of Unravel Data. “Whether they’re migrating more workloads to platforms like BigQuery or Amazon EMR or already running it as part of their data ecosystem, enterprise data teams are struggling to control costs and accurately forecast their resource requirements that are ultimately impacting their ability to execute on their strategic data analytics initiatives. With this latest edition, Unravel customers will be better able to gain the full-stack observability they need to optimize performance and manage their costs according to budget.”

Some of the new capabilities in the Fall Edition of the Unravel Platform include:

  • Full Cost Governance for Amazon EMR: With Unravel’s new ‘Cost 360 for Amazon EMR’ capability, customers can enjoy full visibility and gain critical insights into their spending on Amazon EMR. A new cost page has been added that enables customers to observe their EMR cost and usage trends and identify anomalies, slice and dice chargeback views with a variety of filters, and actively monitor costs against user-defined budgets that can automatically trigger warnings if costs are projected to exceed predefined thresholds.
  • Advanced EMR Cluster Management: To streamline the management of EMR clusters, a new Clusters page is available inside the Unravel UI for Amazon EMR, allowing users to actively monitor all their EMR clusters and cost data from a single location. The Clusters page also helps users quickly visualize, debug, and troubleshoot issues at both the cluster and application levels.
  • Unified View into BigQuery Deployments: Unravel enables customers to now view all information about any number of Google Cloud Platform projects and all BigQuery queries in these respective projects from a single interface. Key performance indicators and metadata are collected for every query. The new edition now supports advanced relevance-based ranked search, faceted search based on metadata and performance indicators, time-based search, as well as drill downs into the individual query level.
  • Enhancements for Databricks: When scheduling a job to extract metadata from Databricks, Unravel users can now specify multiple database names and can extract up to 25,000 Delta tables in a single job. Other Databricks enhancements include custom pricing for workload and tier combinations, APIs to detect anomalies and metrics, as well as the ability to encrypt passwords and tokens to harden application security.

More than 20 enterprise companies in the Fortune 100, including two of the top five global pharmaceutical companies and three of the top 10 financial institutions in the world, today rely on Unravel Data to gain unprecedented visibility across their data stacks, proactively troubleshoot and optimize their data workloads, and define guardrails to govern costs and improve predictability.

Data teams are invited to sign up for a free trial of the Unravel Platform at:

About Unravel Data
Unravel Data radically transforms the way businesses understand and optimize the performance and cost of their modern data applications – and the complex data pipelines that power those applications. Providing a unified view across the entire data stack, Unravel’s market-leading DataOps observability platform leverages AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics to provide modern data teams with the actionable recommendations they need to turn data into insights. Some of the world’s most recognized brands like Adobe, 84.51 (a Kroger company), and Deutsche Bank rely on Unravel Data to unlock data-driven insights and deliver new innovations to market. To learn more, visit

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