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Optimize Hbase Architecture with NoSQL Database Performance Tuning

Apache HBase provides real time random access to your data in Hadoop and can host very large tables. Unravel provides expert monitoring, tuning and troubleshooting for HBase applications at the cluster, region server, and region/table levels. For those ops teams that wish to support the full big data ecosystem, Unravel for HBase provides the metrics and the context needed to understand HBase runtime behavior.

Get precise visibility and database performance tuning of your HBase data assets

Big data practitioners see HBase as a powerful built-in tool in the Hadoop ecosystem. While there are many SQL and NoSQL alternatives available, a significant community of HBase experts stand to gain a great deal of clarity and intelligence to optimize their SQL and noSQL architecture from the Unravel platform.

Instant feedback on HBase metrics at the cluster level

Understand your HBase clusters before they impact or disrupt your production clusters

Unravel for HBase provides immediate access to all key metrics and alerts at the cluster level including:

  • Number of read and write requests across the cluster.
  • Average number of regions per region server and the number of live and dead region servers.
  • The number of regions in transition, and the age of the longest region in transition.

HBase metrics uncovered and correlated

Quick Drill down to the HBase Region Server Level

Unravel enables a quick drill down to the Region Server level to view and can quickly identify and alert teams to SLA violations at this level. Key metrics include:

  • Size of all write ahead log (WAL)  files.
  • The number of read and write requests received.
  • The number of regions hosted by the region server.

Metrics and alerts for HBase tables and regions

Unravel provides drill down views, workflows, and insights into HBase jobs and queries

Unravel enables you to work the way you intuitively want to work, with time saving automation and drill down workflows that include helpful metrics and insights:

  • Total table size in the region server and the number of regions.
  • Average region size over the region server including memstore and storefile sizes.
  • Number of read and mutation requests this region server has answered.

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