Blog Cloud Migration 3 Min Read

Migrating Big Data to the Cloud

Blog Cloud Migration 3 Min Read
By: Floyd Smith
Posted on: October 22, 2020

Unravel Data helps a lot of customers move big data operations to the cloud. Chris Santiago is Global Director of Solution Engineering here at Unravel. So Unravel, and Chris, know a lot about what can make these migrations fail. 

Chris and intrepid Unravel Data marketer Quoc Dang recently delivered a webinar, Reasons why your Big Data Cloud Migration Fails and Ways to Overcome. You can view the webinar now, or read on to learn more about how to overcome these failures. 

In the webinar, Chris describes a Unisys Corp report that says 37% of cloud migrations fail; that’s more than a third. And Gartner reports that nearly half of organizations do a straight lift-and-shift to the cloud, without optimization. For the moves that do succeed, there is a strong tendency toward overprovisioning – and overpaying. 

Many cloud migrations fail

And big data is, well, big. If you don’t optimize, and overprovision, the amount you overpay is likely to be quite a large number. 

Challenges in Moving Big Data to the Cloud

Chris spells out three reasons for these failures:

  • Poor planning
  • Failure to optimize for the cloud
  • Failure to achieve anticipated ROI

Chris relates how a data-driven approach to planning and migrating is critical to success. (On reflection, it does make some sense that one should take a data-driven approach to moving big data.) 

Unravel helps you succeed at every step of the journey – assessing; planning; migrating; and, after the move, optimizing your cloud deployment and scaling up and down, to take full advantage of one of the most sought-after benefits of moving to the cloud in the first place. 

Unravel helps at each stage of cloud migration

Chris describes every step in vivid detail, enticing webinar visitors to try Unravel, to help you succeed in your big data migration to the cloud. We are here to help. View the webinar, try Unravel, or contact us today