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Advanced Cost Governance

Dramatically reduce your modern data cloud costs

Understand, optimize, and actively govern your costs


Proactively manage your cloud spend with granular precision. Automatically.

  • See exactly where the money is going in seconds
  • Get AI to identify where you’re overspending
  • Avoid cost overruns with proactive guardrails

AI-enabled cost governance and optimization for the modern data stack

Enhanced Chargeback Report

Allocate costs with pinpoint precision

Today’s high-level overviews of cloud spending don’t help control costs. Our enhanced chargeback reports let you pinpoint who’s spending what, where, and why. Effortlessly break down and allocate costs by department, team, workload, application, even down to the individual job or user level.

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“With Unravel, I am sleeping a lot easier than I did a year ago.”

Bob Jackson
Director – Big Data Engineering, Mastercard
Automated Budget Tracking

Preemptively prevent budget overruns

Avoid getting ambushed by your monthly cloud bill. Track actual and projected spend against budget in real time. Reduce costs before the fact with automated AI recommendations on exactly where and how to optimize jobs.

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We support the technologies DataOps teams rely on

AutoActions & Alerts

Nip cost overruns in the bud

Put the brakes on rogue users, runaway jobs, and over-provisioned resources. Automated, customizable policy-based guardrails stop cloud costs from spiraling out of control—via proactive alerts and/or autonomous actions.

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Controlling our customers’ costs at petabyte scale

Reduced cloud resources spend by 61% with Unravel’s AI cost-optimization recommendations Learn More

Automated guardrails and granular insight into overprovisioned instances lowered cloud costs by 55%

Avoided “brute force” intelligence-gathering and removed blind spots for faster, more confident migration Learn More

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