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Reduce trouble tickets and speed up MTTR

Less effort, more problem-solving—faster, easier


Get your team above water, and stay there. Spend less time firefighting, more time delivering real business value.

  • Get AI to do the time-consuming heavy lifting in investigating problems
  • Cut to the chase with automated root cause analysis
  • Empower any member of any team to fix more issues themselves
  • Nip issues in the bud with proactive alerts and corrective AutoActions

AI-enabled troubleshooting and optimization for the modern data stack

Automated Job Failure Analysis

Diagnose why jobs failed in minutes, not hours

See precisely why jobs failed with just a single click. AI-enabled automated root cause analysis means no more sifting through hundreds of log files looking for the guilty culprit.

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“Developers can easily go to Unravel to check out their jobs and then fix their jobs to meet certain standards.”

Matteo Pelati
Executive Director, DBS Bank
Automated Pipeline Bottleneck Analysis

Pinpoint pipeline problems automatically

Understand at a glance exactly where in your pipeline something went wrong. Instead of hopping between multiple point tools, automated root cause analysis does the cumbersome detective work for you.

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We support the technologies DataOps teams rely on

Code-Level Insights

Drill into details down to individual lines of code

All the fine-grained data from different systems you need—resource metrics, timelines, stack traces, code—correlated and analyzed in one place. Drill down into details and link to the specific line of code causing problems.

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Helping our customers meet SLAs

Proactive auto-tuning and AI recommendations reduced MTTR by over 90%

83% faster troubleshooting translated to 75% faster analytics cycle time Learn More

Scaled workloads 5X with 98% reduction in MTTI, 70% reduction in ticket volumes


Performance. Cost. Data Quality. Pick Three.