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Kafka Monitoring & Troubleshooting Using AI

Kafka is critical to modern analytics pipelines, allowing for the lightweight transport and processing of streaming data; Unravel's Kafka monitoring and troubleshooting tool helps optimize your Kafka environment by providing real-time insight and operational intelligence across distributed systems and data streams, as well as automatically analyzing, tuning and resolving performance issues.

Delivering visibility, observability, and tuning recommendations to get the most out of Kafka

Unravel provides insights into the end-to-end workings of your Kafka applications. The Kafka monitoring intelligence provided by Unravel can easily identify bottlenecks and tuning opportunities in the Kafka database cluster that affect the overall throughput and efficiency of streaming applications. The KPI’s tracked by Unravel help in planning capacity, troubleshooting, and growth of the Kafka cluster to meet application demands.

Intelligent visibility into Kafka connected data pipelines

View configured Kafka clusters, cluster metrics, and KPIs for broker, consumer group, and partitions.

Unravel is designed to automatically detect, diagnose and resolve Apache Kafka problems to make sure the data flows smoothly. Unravel enables you to:

  • Monitor Kafka applications from end to end, quickly detecting failures and slowdowns.
  • Correlate metrics and logs from across Kafka, Spark Streaming, HBase, and more – on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Accurately plan and allocate Kafka capacity to meet application SLAs

Keep the data flowing smoothly

Unravel monitors and optimizes Kafka to keep data in motion for streaming data applications

Unravel ensures that streaming data applications are production ready and prevents data loss and application failures.  To keep the data flowing, Unravel:

  • Monitors all important Kafka metrics and automatically detects and alerts on anomalous Kafka behavior at the cluster, topic, and consumer level.
  • Remediates load imbalance in Kafka caused by factors such as poor data partitioning.
  • Tunes and troubleshoots applications that can’t keep up with Kafka’s input data rates.

Guarantee reliability and performance of streaming and IoT applications

Unravel enables ops teams to define and enforce enterprise SLAs for Kafka streaming apps

Unravel makes sure businesses can achieve their goals with streaming applications across their big data stack. To improve reliability,  eliminate disruption, and meet SLAs Unravel:

  • Correlates application metrics with Kafka performance metrics for rapid problem diagnosis.
  • Monitors Kafka-based applications end-to-end to quickly detect failures and slowdowns.
  • Troubleshoots and tunes applications that are unable to keep up with input data rates in Kafka.

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