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Migrate your on-premises big data apps to AWS EMR

Unravel provides the data driven intelligence to ensure a successful AWS migration.

Amazon EMR + Unravel = Cloud Success

Automatically tune and optimize Amazon EMR.

Unravel and Amazon AWS have partnered to help you migrate your big data and applications fast and with more confidence. With data-driven intelligence to understand, size and optimize your environments, Unravel makes your transition a smooth one.

The Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark to Amazon EMR Migration Acceleration Program provides two ways to help you get there quickly and with confidence.

Unravel helps you in each step of your migration journey:

  • Instantly discover infrastructure, cost and performance requirements of every; job, application, and pipeline on the on-premises cluster. 
  • Automatically map to the optimal compute and storage topology and server instances for AWS EMR.
  • Understand if and when you can take advantage of spot instances, autoscaling, and more based on seasonality of your workload.
  • Track and validate the success of your AWS migration with detailed performance and cost reporting.

Run a successful cloud platform

Unravel tracks and reveals the success and cost of your move to the cloud and offers actionable recommendations for improving these metrics. To increase your odds for a successful migration and increase your return on investment, use Unravel to:

  • Compare performance and cost before and after the transition – use Unravel recommendations to automatically optimize to desired levels.
  • Break down costs of apps and users – and get recommendations for potential savings.
  • Use Unravel’s proactive alerting to detect and mitigate the inefficient use of expensive cloud resources.

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