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Granular Insights, recommendations, and automation for before, during and after your Spark, Hadoop and data migration to AWS.

Get granular chargeback and cost optimization for your Amazon EMR workloads.

Unravel for Amazon EMR is a complete application performance monitoring, tuning, and troubleshooting tool for big data apps running on Amazon EMR. Unravel provides AI-powered recommendations and automated actions to enable intelligent optimization of big data pipelines and applications.


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Intelligently migrate and monitor your on-premises Hadoop and Spark apps to AWS and EMR

Unravel provides the data driven intelligence to ensure a successful AWS migration.

The future of big data deployments is in the cloud and Amazon AWS/EMR is rapidly becoming a strategic platform for those looking to get more out of their data. Unravel provides the ultimate visibility into your on-premises environment and data driven insights to:

  • Discover, understand and baseline the performance of on-premises clusters.
  • Calculate the optimal compute and storage topology and server instances for AWS/EMR. 
  • Validate the success of your AWS migration with detailed application and infrastructure reporting.

Rapid Troubleshooting and performance optimization for your Amazon AWS EMR workloads

Unravel provides the essential insights, recommendations, and automation to get the most out of big data on AWS.

Companies that need to run significant data workloads on AWS are constantly looking for ways to run more jobs faster and more efficiently. Unravel delivers critical insights and recommendations needed to provide:

  • End to end monitoring, measurement, and troubleshooting of Kafka, Spark and Hadoop apps.
  • Full stack intelligence for data pipelines that include AWS services like EMR, S3, Redshift, and Athena.
  • Detailed insights, plain language recommendations, and auto-tuning of apps to make the most of AWS data services.

Full visibility of EMR resource consumption, Costs and Chargeback reporting

Understand your EMR workloads as your needs, consumption and applications change.

Companies adopt public cloud services to increase operational agility and to hide the complexity of the underlying software stack. But achieving maximum performance requires an understanding of that complexity. To this end, Unravel provides:

  • Chargeback reporting that provides accurate, detailed accounting of the cost of running data apps on AWS.
  • Understand the effect of users, apps, and cloud infrastructure on your data pipelines on AWS.
  • Views of app performance trends and cluster resource usage to leverage AWS ephemeral clusters, spot instances, and pricing promotions.

When production Quality Data Apps are Critical, this Healthcare provider turns to Unravel.

“Key software product for today’s modern data applications and systems. Our overall experience has been excellent based on key areas of product support, product delivery, and customer engagement.”


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