Mind the Gaps in DBMS Cloud Migration to Avoid Cost and Performance Issues

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Get Mind the Gaps

Nowadays, companies of all types spend heavily on compute power across a wide range of data technologies, but frequently don’t place enough emphasis pre-planning where that money will be allocated. This is particularly true for organizations that are moving to the cloud.

The Gartner report Mind the Gaps in DBMS Cloud Migration, shows how Data and analytics leaders planning to migrate their DBMS to the cloud can control unanticipated workload costs by building a comprehensive pricing model and continue to monitor costs after migration. This involves adapting the agile principle of continuous improvement and approaching migration of applications as an optimization exercise. And, these are areas where Unravel excels.

As described in the report, “Neglecting price/performance comparison, apps conversion and ops conversion risks the success of DBMS cloud migration, resulting in unexpected cost spikes and missed optimization opportunities.

Download the report to learn how to add advanced monitoring capabilities to your migration strategy whether your high-volume data environment is on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

The Unravel Data cloud migration path is ideal for customers that need to:

  • Evaluate pros and cons of various migration strategies
  • Guarantee app performance in the new environment
  • Proactively manage and optimize the new cloud platform
  • Avoid unexpected surprises and cost overruns