DataOps Unleashed

Creating a Data-Driven Cultue

Sanjeev Mohan, Research Vice President, Big Data & Advanced Analytics at Gartner moderates this panel discussion on creating a data-driven culture.

Panelists include:

  • Kumar Menon, SVP Data Fabric & Decision Science Technology @ Equifax
  • David Lloyd, Chief Data Officer @ Ceridian
  • Paloma González Martínez, Chief Data Officer @ AlphaCredit

More and more companies are adding a Chief Data Officer (CDO) and other leadership roles to the executive-suite, often leading an organization-wide transformation to a data-driven culture. CDOs, and other senior technologists, face a wide range of challenges. At the same time, the progress of data technology – especially cloud services, AI, and machine learning – is opening up new opportunities.

Our panelists share their insights and describe the strategies they’re using to move data-driven decision-making to the core of organizational processes, products, and services.


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