DataOps Unleashed

Data Quality in DataOps

As the world’s leading tool for data quality, Great Expectations occupies a unique position in the DataOps ecosystem. Over the last year, thousands of data scientists, engineers, and analysts have joined the Great Expectations community, making it one of the fastest-growing data communities in the world. In addition, Great Expectations integrates with many other DataOps tools, giving our developers a unique perspective on how the ecosystem is developing.

This presentation will share examples, patterns, and emerging best practices for data quality from the Great Expectations community. The first half of the talk will focus on nuts-and-bolts engineering, including common use cases and deployment patterns for data quality.

The second half of the talk will share learnings for how data quality and DataOps are reshaping data workflows and collaboration. Together this presentation will give you a clear view into how to get started with data quality, and where the field is going as a whole.


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