DataOps Unleashed and Snowflake Going Stellar with OneWeb (the Global Satellite Network Provider)

Presenters at the and Snowflake going stellar with OneWeb (the Global Satellite Network Provider) session at DataOps Unleashed include:

  • David Bath, Global VP of Platforms, OneWeb
  • Justin Mullen CEO,
  • Guy Adams CTO,

OneWeb is a global connectivity network powered from space. OneWeb is implementing a constellation of Low Earth Orbiting satellites with global gateway stations, a range of user terminals and a suite of digital products to provide an affordable, fast, low-latency communications service. Offering enterprise-grade, managed connectivity services in partnership with its solution providers, OneWeb enables communities, governments, businesses and mobility industries such as aviation and maritime to easily connect to the cloud, applications, customers, people and devices.

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation, underscoring the necessity to be online for education, work, access to health care and to enable the IoT future and a pathway to 5G.

OneWeb is driven by data: how the business operates, the partners it works with, the customers it serves, and IoT telemetry data on the status and health of millions of devices 24/7. OneWeb has chosen and Snowflake to securely store and govern every item of data, to automate every data pipeline from source to destination, and create a culture of self-service analytics across every part of the business.

Watch this session to find out how you can apply this ground-breaking approach to your business.


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