DataOps Unleashed

Driving Dataops Culture With LinkedIn Datahub

Driving DataOps Culture with LinkedIn DataHub presented by Shirshanka Das, Co-Founder & CTO at Acryl Data.

Your data is not changing slowly, so why should your metadata?

LinkedIn DataHub was open-sourced to enable other organizations to harness the power of metadata and unleash excellent DataOps practices. Doing DataOps well requires bringing together multiple disciplines of data science, data analytics, and data engineering into a cohesive unit. However, this is complicated, because there are a wide variety of data tools that are in use by these different tribes.

Shirshanka, who founded and architected DataHub at LinkedIn, will describe its journey in enabling DataOps use-cases on top of the metadata platform. He will also showcase the latest integrations and features in the tool and share the roadmap for the project.