Building Fast and Reliable Big Data Apps on Microsoft Azure

Getting started with big data is hard. First you have to carefully plan out what your hardware configuration will look like, then you have to install the required software, then you have to deploy Hadoop, Spark, and many other open source ecosystems used for analytics. The list is long and the steps can be complex.

And it only gets tougher from there. If you’re a large enterprise, now you need to secure your deployment, which means that you need to ensure that you have network isolation and authentication. Once your big data apps are in production, you’ll spend lots of time debugging shaky code and balancing resource utilization. All of this is done manually, making for a painstaking process.

Deploying big data in the cloud, however, can save on cost and convenience for many workloads. This webinar explains how Unravel’s APM platform helps big data applications run smoothly on Microsoft Azure. Together, Unravel and Azure HDInsight give users a complete solution for all big data needs. The two make it easy to spin up a variety of open source software solutions in the cloud, manage them via the Azure portal, monitor them using Azure Log Analytics, and enjoy deep application performance