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Learning at the Pace of Big Data Growth and Innovation

News 5 Min Read
By: Kunal Agarwal


I cannot be more positive and more enthused about the progress we have made so far in 2018.  We grew the business over 300% so far over the comparable period last year and secured a who’s who of global enterprise customers.

At the same time I am truly humbled by the trust our customers are placing in us and the pace at which we learn from each and every engagement.  Data driven business transformation continues to move and evolve at a breathtaking speed and as such we are learning together in a true partnership.

We have captured some of the learnings from these engagements in the infographic below,  but I wanted to share a few other points around the business momentum we have enjoyed so far this year.

We expanded the leadership team with the appointment of a VP Sales, CMO and VP of Customer Success and opened new offices in London, New York, Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta. We also moved to a new HQ location in Palo Alto and expanded our India Development center. We are seeing a maturation of how big data investments are being monetized.

Over 70% of engagements are focused heavily on how to ‘operationalise’ their big data infrastructure whilst the remaining 30% are focused on identifying how to optimize their big data stacks and to deploy more workloads to take advantage of the unique requirements for machine learning and other apps. This heavy focus on ensuring that ‘enterprise grade’ reliability, predictability and scale drives the core use cases for Unravel, specifically proactive monitoring and automated remediation.

We are also seeing that cloud migration requirements are gathering momentum and needs for supporting multi-cloud and hybrid workloads – from ‘planning’ through ‘migration’ to ‘operation’ – are front and center of every enterprise architecture engagement.

We continue to innovate our product and technology at an incredibly high cadence, all in the context of what the world’s most successful enterprises demand. Highlights of new capabilities introduced this year include:

  • AIOps capabilities – Recommendation engine and autonomous remediation via auto-actions
  • Microsoft Azure Partner certification
  • New systems support – MPP platforms, Kafka and Hbase
  • Interoperability – APIs for messaging apps, such as Slack, Jira and Pagerduty
  • Enterprise grade features – Access control/RBAC/Kerberos/AD, Cluster scaling and Load Balancing
  • New operations capabilities – Reports, capacity planning, chargeback analytics

In summary, the year got off to a great beginning and yet it feels like we are just getting started!  We have very high expectations for the back half of the year and look forward to sharing them with you.