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Unravel APM for Amazon EMR is the Cloud Service’s First Full-Stack AI-Driven Solution for Big Data Workloads

Blog 3 Min Read
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Further evidence of the continued adoption of public cloud services by organizations of all sizes is being demonstrated yet again by the massive event that is Amazon re:Invent. Amazon continues to fuel hockey stick growth through continuous innovation and delivery to meet the ever-rising demand for data management and analytics in the cloud, however along with this is increasing complexity and the need to manage and optimize this ever-rising volume of data and analytics services in the cloud and also in hybrid and multi-cloud configurations.

These new levels of complexity and scale expose enterprises to new levels risk and operational challenges, not least of which is ensuring these modern data applications perform in the way the business needs them to and operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

We are excited to further advance our mission to radically simplify the operations of Big Data and announce immediate availability of Unravel APM for Amazon EMR—the industry’s first full-stack, AI-driven solution for big data workloads running on the platform.

The Unravel platform accelerates the adoption of big data in the cloud by operationalizing the Amazon big data environment. Seamless integration with the Amazon EMR enables users to connect Unravel to a new or existing EMR cluster with just one click. Unravel APM for Amazon EMR can improve the productivity of big data teams with a simple, intelligent, self-service performance management capability. Unravel APM is engineered to:

  • Automatically fix slow, inefficient and failing Spark, Hive, MapReduce, HBase and Kafka Impala applications
  • Reduce Amazon cloud expenses by automatically eliminating wasteful resource consumption by users and applications
  • Get a detailed chargeback view to understand cluster resource usage by user, department or project

Using AI, machine learning and other advanced analytics, Unravel APM ensures enforceable service level agreements (SLAs) and drastically lower compute, I/O, and storage costs. Furthermore, it reduces operational overhead through advanced automation and predictive maintenance, enabled by unified observability and AIOps capabilities.

The Unravel Data team is thrilled to offer our solution to the AWS Marketplace. This marks a significant milestone as we help enterprises across financial, telecom, healthcare, technology and other industries solve their big data problems by delivering cost optimization, SLA guarantees, and proactive monitoring and automated remediation.

Unravel APM for Amazon EMR is available now on the AWS Marketplace and includes a 30-day free trial license. For more details on the trial you can drop us a line or sign up for the FREE trial.