Seven Data Resources: Our Valentine for House-Bound #datalovers

According to a recent press release by the National Retail Federation, “nearly seventy-three percent of consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day this year feel it’s important to do so given the current state of the pandemic.” The release […]

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According to a recent press release by the National Retail Federation, “nearly seventy-three percent of consumers celebrating Valentine’s Day this year feel it’s important to do so given the current state of the pandemic.” The release also states that “consumers still feel it’s important to spoil their loved ones in light of the pandemic.”

We couldn’t agree more on the importance of celebrating the day. With February 14th just around the corner, we put together this blog post to share some of our favorite dataops and engineering resources with our #datalovers community.

Whether you’re a datalover that loves to read, watch, listen or learn (or all of the above), these resources are here to help you.

5 Books for Data Engineers

If you’re a data engineer datalover that loves to read, we recommend this article on 5 Books for Data Engineers. Blog author Kaden Cho shares a summary on five books that have helped him in the data engineering field:

1. I Hearts Logs by Jay Kreps
2. Designing Data-Intensive Applications by Martin Kleppmann
3. Rebuilding Reliable Data Pipelines Through Modern Tools by Ted Malaska
4. Expert Hadoop Administration by Sam R. Alapati
5. Architecting Modern Data Platforms by Jan Kunigk, Ian Buss, Paul Wilkinson, Lars George

10X Leadership Video Series

A year into the pandemic, the remote workforce has become the new norm for B2B organizations. If you’re a datalover in charge of a team, this resource is for you. Unravel Data CDO, Sandeep Uttamchandani, created a series of 21 Playbooks to give Engineering Leaders (Managers, Tech Leads, and ICs) best practices and tips to manage a remote workforce. Subscribe to the 10X Engineering Leadership Playbooks youtube channel and be sure to love (like) the videos that help you in your DataOps and engineering management role.

Battlescars Podcast Series

For the podcast lovers in our #datalovers community, we invite you to listen to the Battlescars Podcast Series. You’ll love hearing lessons learned from data leaders at Etsy, Intuit, LinkedIn and others. They share the challenges that they have encountered in their journey to transform raw data into insights.

DataOps Unleashed 2021 (is coming)

If you’re a datalover that loves to network and stay on top of the latest dataops trends, mark your calendar for Wednesday, March 17th. The hottest DataOps online free event to hit the web is coming: DataOps Unleashed. DataOps Unleashed is the official gathering spot for the emerging, global DataOps community.

This one-day online event will bring together DataOps, CloudOps, AIOps, MLOps, and other professionals to connect and collaborate on trends and best practices for running, managing, and monitoring data pipelines. Sessions will include talks by DataOps professionals at leading organizations that detail how they’re establishing data predictability, increasing reliability, and reducing costs. Register for DataOps Unleashed today!

Six Data Science Certificates to Up Your Career

Looking to up your career in 2021? What’s better than adding another certificate or badge to your LinkedIn profile that shows you know what you’re talking about? This article, Six Data Science Certificates to Up Your Career, gives the #datalovers in the Data Science field ways to build their portfolio, and get closer to their dream job, by completing one of the following six certificates:

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • IBM Data Science Professional Certificate
  • Google Professional Data Engineer Certification
  • Cloudera Certified Professional (CCP) Data Engineer
  • SAS Certified AI & Machine Learning Professional Certificate
  • TensorFlow Developer Certificate

Datalovers Slack Channel

#datalovers that love to keep up on the latest data trends, connect with other #datalovers, and get advice from industry experts, can join the community of #datalovers on this Slack channel.

How DataOps Amplifies Data and Analytics Business Value

In this article, Ted Friedman states, “data and analytics leaders are increasingly applying DataOps techniques that provide a more agile and collaborative approach to building and managing data pipelines.” For #datalovers looking to implement DataOps, read this CDO Trends article. It defines DataOps and the following three core value propositions that will derive maximum value from data:

1. Adapt your DataOps strategy to a utility value proposition
2. Use DataOps to support data’s use as a business enabler
3. Support the data and analytics driver value proposition

Wishing our community of #datalovers and their loved ones a lovely Valentine’s Day. If you want to know more about Unravel Data, you can sign up for a free trial or contact us.